<h2>Emmanouil Kogas</h2><p>Civil Engineer Veria</p> <h2>Building Studies and Construction</h2><p>High Quality Construction</p> <h2>Fine Scientific Training</h2><p>High Aesthetics and Functionality</p>
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Kogas Emmanouil
Engineering Studies Veroia

Proper study is absolutely necessary to make a construction functional.
The technical office of KOGKA EMMANOUIL, with trained and experienced staff, discusses your needs with you and undertakes the preparation of a wide range of studies such as:
  • Energy Certificates
  • Saving at home
  • Fire Protection Studies
  • Topographic surveys
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Static studies
  • Delimitations - Engravings
  • Surrounding landscaping studies
  • Mechanical studies
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.


Agios Georgios 591 00, Veria
6972332592 info@kogkas.gr