<h2>Emmanouil Kogas</h2><p>Civil Engineer Veria</p> <h2>Building Studies and Construction</h2><p>High Quality Construction</p> <h2>Fine Scientific Training</h2><p>High Aesthetics and Functionality</p>
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Kogas Emmanouil
Buildings Construction Veria

The services our office undertakes are;

  • Building Studies (Study & Supervision of Projects)
  • Contractors - Construction of new buildings (Specialized workshop for
  • each sector in the construction industry)
  • Renovations of houses & commercial spaces
  • Building permits
  • Building permits for a new building
  • Shop Licenses
  • Add-ons to an existing building
  • Handling of public works
  • Roadwork studies
  • Special studies for the reinforcement and restoration of buildings
  • General audit of real estate for repair needs
  • Arrangement - Legalization of arbitrary
  • Autopsy to identify arbitrariness
  • Arbitrary buildings / buildings / arbitrary spacesTopographic studies
  • Topographic land & buildings
  • Verification of parcel integrity and construction
  • Recommendations of Vertical Ownership
  • Energy audit of buildings
  • Elaboration of Energy Efficiency Studies for homes and buildings
  • Energy Classification of Buildings
  • Energy Residential Upgrades
  • Issuing an energy certificate
Check the energy performance of your building and get in your home or business space areas of reduced energy consumption and consumption.



Agios Georgios, 591 00, Veria
6972332592 | info@kogkas.gr