<h2>Emmanouil Kogas</h2><p>Civil Engineer Veria</p> <h2>Building Studies and Construction</h2><p>High Quality Construction</p> <h2>Fine Scientific Training</h2><p>High Aesthetics and Functionality</p>
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The Company

Kogas Emmanouil
Civil Engineer Veria

The civil engineer KOGAS EMMANOUIL maintains an office in Veria, undertaking studies and construction of buildings, homes and business premises. KOGKA EMMANOUIL is active throughout Northern Greece and offers high quality services with experience and excellent professionalism.
Its excellent scientific training is a guarantee for the best possible result, by making high-quality, excellent functionality and aesthetics, always tailored to the needs of customers.
His office in Veria - a family business since 1990 - undertakes all the necessary procedures, from the issuance of building permits and the study of a project to its complete completion.
Trust the civil engineer KOGAS EMMANOUIL, in Veria, to build your home or complete renovation and secure the most innovative construction solutions!
Mr. KOGKAS is also involved in the regularization - arbitration of arbitrariness, and also conducts energy inspections and issuing energy performance certificates. Whatever your needs, your cooperation with this civil engineer will be impeccable and will be handled with absolute consistency, reliability and reasonable prices.


Agios Georgios, 591 00, Veria
6972332592 | info@kogkas.gr