<h2>Emmanouil Kogas</h2><p>Civil Engineer Veria</p> <h2>Building Studies and Construction</h2><p>High Quality Construction</p> <h2>Fine Scientific Training</h2><p>High Aesthetics and Functionality</p>
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Emmanouil Kogas - Civil Engineer Veria - Buidling Studies Veria

The Company {medium}

Civil Engineer KOGKAS EMMANOUIL maintains an office in Veria, undertake studies and construction of buildings


Services {medium}

Building Studies, Study & Supervision of Projects, Contractors - Construction of New Buildings


Contact Us {medium}

Immediate service and information about any technical issue.

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The civil Engineer KOGAS EMMANOUIL maintains an office in Veria, undertaking studies and construction of
buildings, homes and business premises.

KOGAS EMMANOUIL activates throughout Northern Greece and offers high-level services
with experience and flawless professionalism.
Its excellent scientific training is a guarantee for the best possible result, by making high-quality, excellent functionality and aesthetics, always tailored to the needs of customers.
Office Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 08.00 - 21.00